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House of sAINCLAIR

Located at the heart of the Champagne vineyards, the House of Sainclair is recognised for its expertise in the development of alcoholic and spirituous liquor using Amphorae in particular, for having been the first to offer liquors and a Local Brandy developed in an Amphora.

Brandy SAINCLAIR is cultivated in amphorae in the heart of the Champagne vineyards.

House of Sainclair is the innovative leader in the development of alcoholic and spirituous liquor in Amphorae with commitment to a quality tradition.

House of Sainclair focuses on creating and issuing its editions of Collections of spirits and alcoholic liquors showcased in its Amphora techniques under the oversight and signature of its Master Distiller, Jean-Luc BRAUD.

« Pure Desire of the Sublime »

Such is the commitment of House of Sainclair to producing exceptional spirits designed to be appreciated by a demanding Circle of Aficionados.


The world-renowned expert Creative Master, Jean-Luc BRAUD, has updated an ancestral method of maturation for today’s tastes, to obtain unique aromatic profiles of high quality.

The locally selected liquors are distilled from wines from the Champagne vineyards, renowned for their finesse and complexity, reflecting the unique characteristics germane to the locality.

These wines will produce sweeter, fruitier eaux de vie, better suited to distillation in amphoras.

Jean-Luc BRAUD, the House of Sainclair’s creative master, ensures that our spirits meet the highest of quality standards.

With his many years’ experience and unlimited passion, he is a recognised expert, always on the look-out for exclusive methods to create exceptional spirits.


The House of Sainclair works at the very source of the raw materials of its exclusive distiller, who is specialised in the quality distillation of spirits using wines from the Champagne vineyards, in order to guarantee a unique profile for its French Brandy.

Sainclair Brandy, cultivated in Amphorae at the heart of the Champagne vineyards, is an innovative Brandy that will offer a unique taste experience:

– light amber-gold hues – an aroma with hints of fresh fruit, white flowers and honey – full-bodied and harmonious on the palate

The development of the house of SAINCLAIR liquors is achieved by maturation in a variety of amphorae of different sizes, selected for sizes from 300 to 750 litres.

The amphorae used exclusively for Sainclair Brandy are handcrafted using a process dating back to Antiquity.

First, a special type of clay is selected for its rich mineral content and its ageing properties.

Each Amphora is dried in the Italian sun for several weeks and then fired under precise temperature conditions.

Using this unique and exclusive manufacturing process, we’re able to produce amphorae of very high quality, with no limit to their durability, which, by better diffusing the aromas, give us the most specific of conditions for maturing and enhancing Sainclair Brandy.

Sainclair amphorae help give Sainclair Brandy its unique aromatic profile of floral, fruity, complex notes, as well as the harmony between its roundness on the palate and its light amber-golden hue.

Sainclair Brandy’s subtle interaction with the House of Sainclair’s special amphorae brings out unique characteristics in the final product through interaction on its texture and aromatic profile.

The Sainclair Brandy is available in 43% and 55% versions, in 50 CL and 70 CL sizes. It is ideal for drinking PURE, DIGESTIVELY or as a COCKTAIL with Champagne, by connoisseurs looking for a fruity, floral and complex spirit.

"PURE" to guarantee the fine, pure qualities of premium materials and traditional production methods "DESIRE" denoting the quest for excellence, the aspiration of demanding aficionados "SUBLIME" for a historical origin born of the magnificent Terroir of FRANCE.