Pure desire of the sublime

For the sole pleasure of the exception

SAINCLAIR BRANDY’s origins lie in Champagne, the land of excellence.

For the desire of vaunting the historical know-how of brandy from the terroirs of France.


The excellence of Brandy

Located in the heart of the Champagne vineyard, la Maison Sainclair is renowned for its expertise in enhancing spirits and liqueurs, particularly through Amphoras. It was the first to introduce Terroir Brandy crafted in Amphoras.

Our Wine Cellar

The mastery of the Amphora...

La Maison Sainclair is the innovative leader in crafting spirits and liqueurs in Amphoras, dedicated to a tradition of quality.

The history of Brandy

The wine-based spirit

The history of brandy in France dates back over many centuries. Brandy is a wine-based distilled spirit that has played a significant role in French culture and gastronomy.

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